What is Bakpartiet?

Bakpartiet -- literally "rear part", the word bak has several connotations like behind, backwards, (to) bake, derriere -- is a new Swedish political Party with an unorthodox programme.

It is founded by Ladislaus Horatius, classical pianist, philosopher, former Minister of Sophistry and Court-jester in Ladonia.

Bakpartiet means to present a new (actually quite old) concept of politics, one that encompasses philosophy, musical thinking (somewhat like Fourier), and -- Oh, my God! -- FUN ! We feel that Homo ludens, the playful human animal, is given a far too small role in today's society. (While the variety Homo infantilis, something quite different indeed, is growing like weeds.) Comedy and tragedy side by side, the wolf and the lamb, sweet pastry and bitter medicine -- let's have some room for paradox.

Here are the main issues of Bakpartiet:

To bring politics nearer to philosophy -- to allow ethical and aesthetical issues into the halls of politics -- to better connect the hand (doing) with the head (thinking). We cannot accept politics dealing only with material issues, exiling "soft" existential matters into peripheral concentration-camps.

To act as a brake in a society that has it's foot glued to the gas-pedal. To allow slowness, to seek deceleration when necessary (but only then). To stop worshiping "Speed for its Own sake", to question the tempo Allegro furioso.

To counteract boyish thinking, society's march towards infantocracy.

To draw attention to the concentrating centripetal-force in an increasingly centrifugal (scattered, absent-minded) world. (This is related to the ideas of Viktor Schauberger.)

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